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  • Shawn C. says:

    Dr. Stuckey helped me with a filling a few months ago while I was out of town visiting family from Texas. He was EXTREMELY professional, knowledgable and quick. I give him the highest recommendation I can and would send anyone I know to see him any day of the week!

  • Tom Hewitt says:

    My family has been coming to Briarfield Dental for around 2 years. The office staff is very friendly and are will to listen and help in whatever way they can. However for me Dr Stuckey has improved my over health in a way I thought could ever happen. I suffer from sleep apnea and I went through all the sleep studies and 2 different types Cpap machines. The devices did not work for me at all. Dr. Stuckey over the 2 years was talking to me on how certain dental appliances can provide relief or reduce sleep apnea issues. During this time I was very skeptical the devices would work and kept finding excuses not to try. I final decided to have Dr Stuckey treat me a few months ago and I am extremely happy as I am sleeping much much better with almost no snoring. The biggest benift is my wife can now sleep too and does not worry about me during the night. If anyone is still having sleep apnea issues even with cpap machines I would highly recommend coming in a seeing Dr Stuckey.

    Thank you

  • Lori Yeary says:

    From the moment you walk into the reception area, through your time with the fantastic hygenists, and you end review with Dr. Stucky, you experience top rate customer service and care. This team truly “gets” what the meaning of quality and customer service is. You get top rate care from FRIENDLY people, and the dental skills are second to none. It really is a TOTAL experience from check in, your time with the hygenists/dentist, until you check out. The skill set coupled with customer service is truly amazing…nowhere, and I mean nowhere else for me, ever….loyal patient for over 20 years. Lori Yeary

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